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    The "Secret Rapture" -- Biblical or Not?

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    The "Secret Rapture" -- Biblical or Not?

    Post by ManOfPeace on August 17th 2012, 4:27 am

    The "Secret Rapture" -- Biblical or Not?

    The idea of a “Secret Rapture”, in which the “Church” is whisked away to heaven and “Israel” (the Jews) are once again reinstated as God’s “CHOSEN” people who will have the duty of Evangelizing the world during the Tribulation (which evangelicals claim is the 7 year period just prior to Christ’s visible “Second Coming” during which the “Antichrist” will be revealed), has gained tremendous momentum within the Christian Church – to the point where MOST evangelical Christians (of many varied denominations) have come to accept it as FACT . Is it???

    Many of the things I am writing here are hard to write. I do not wish to attack anyone personally. I do not doubt the sincerity of those who teach these things – but I do attack their method of Biblical Interpretation and the conclusions they are advocating. We are not to judge the person but we are to judge the teachings . These “teachings” are dangerous – and when accepted lull countless millions into a false sense of security which leave them totally unprepared for the things that about to come upon our world. They are “Doctrines of the Devil” and need to be addressed as such. If accepted, they will lead sincere Christians to behave and act in ways, which actually oppose God instead of fulfilling his purpose for us. Jesus put it this way: “An hour is coming when everyone who kills you will think that he is offering SERVICE TO GOD. And these things they will do, because they have not known the Father, or Me. But these things I have spoken to you, that when their hour comes, you may remember that I told you of them.” (John 16:2-4 emphasis added).

    The FACT IS that you CANNOT! Not if you intend to be a follower of Christ! IF you have accepted the Doctrine of the Secret Rapture, I pray that you will reconsider your choice. PLEASE: Take your stand on the WORD OF GOD and put your trust in no man's theories, no matter how "pleasing" or "nice" they may sound! There are Troublesome times ahead, but they can be faced with peace and assurance if you have truly accepted Christ as your Savior. "For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus" (Phil. 1:6).

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